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Chathas Group

Since its inception in the 1970's, with faithful adherence to its five basic principles of Affordability, Excellent Customer Service, Local Neighbourhood Convenience, Quality and Integrity, the Chathas Group has steadily flourished into a portfolio of thriving businesses. Pivotal to this success has been controlled growth and employing people from the local community. Over time, by hand-picking neighbourhood-based retail locations and, later acquiring adjacent units to introduce other portfolio businesses, community focal points have been re-established. This has, in turn, breathed new life into areas which have seen local businesses disappear due to large corporates, supermarkets and retail parks. Investing in local communities remains a priority and the Chathas Group will continue to introduce new services and businesses at competitive prices in areas where it is most needed.

Thank you for your support – both as customers as well as being part of the workforce.

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It's not just about business, The Chathas Group believes in supporting local causes including charities, schools, sports clubs and other third sector organisations that focus on the most needy and vulnerable members of our communities. The Chathas Group is always considering innovative ways of providing new services that serve the local community. Why not get involved and email any suggestions or concerns directly to our Managing Director directly at or by clicking here?